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Yep, if you haven't figured it out by now.....you can see that Speech Pathology's Scope of Practice includes so many different areas because from the neck up, there's lots of parts!

Support Group: If you would like to start one for communication and/or swallowing and/or going through life with new changes......call me. 815-541-1857. Let's start a group!
Interactive Metronome I have the certification and the equipment. Look at interactivemetronome.com for research information
LindaMood Bell I have taken the coursework and have the materials.
Vital Stim I have the certification and the equipment.
Lee Silverman Voice Treatment I have the certification.
Early Intervention I am certified as an evaluator and therapist for speech therapy and develomental therapy.
Handwriting Without Tears I have the certification and the materials.
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Other ways to look at challenges in accordance to Early Intervention:

Early Intervention Principles include my favorite: The focus of EI is to encourage the active participation of families in the therapeutic process by imbedding intervention strategies into family routines. It is the parents who provide the real early intervention by creatively adapting their child care methods to facilitate the development of their child, while balancing the needs of the rest of their family.

So, Early Intervention provides seminars for parents and therapists to attending including "Using the Family's Stuff" and their EI Principles includ what was typed above, thus I try very hard to not bring in toys (which just has me leaving with them and then the parents are wondering how to substitute/replace with what they have or do they have to go out and buy that toy) and I try very hard to work through the parent who then has 24hrs/7days a week to keep on working on their communication relationship instead of waiting for me to have a relationship with their chld and get him/her to follow through. It makes sense to me; I just wished it made sense to other therapists! My plan of treatment is always to help the communication listener (the parent) and the communication talker (the child) to change through "I'll wait until you try" moments/tasks throughout the day when the child is in that 'teachable moment'. I've put together some videos that help explain this. To the video webpage.

But wait.....there's more!

I also have designed a seminar on strategies to consider when feeding a person and am able to offer nurses and CNAs, some CEUs for attending the seminar.  Call me (815-541-1857) or email me (talkndr@yahoo.com) for setting up a time to have the presentation at your facility or if you are interested in attending one of the seminars in the area.

I've put together a questionnaire matrix to assist people in designing their living will with the Terry Schaivo case bringing to the forefront how many of us do not have a specific enough living will.  Please give me a call if you are interested in thinking of various scenarios and how you might want different interventions with different medical situations, 815-541-1857.

Living Will decisions aren't a fun topic, but one that is so important and we never know when we are going to need to share our thoughts on the subject so our significant others can make decisions for us.

SCENARIO: You are 100 years old and have had Alzheimer's Disease for 20 years.  What does your living will tell your decision maker to do when you are in the hospital for an urinary tract infection?

SCENARIO: You are 70 years old and just diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease.  What does your living will tell your decision maker to do when you are in the hospital due to a car accident?

SCENARIO: You are 60 years old and the doctor told you family that you would probably die in a few days.  That was 2 years ago and you've been living in a nursing home.  What does your living will tell your decision maker you want done while you are in a long term care facility?

These medical situations may have different responses and a person's living will may have been designed to not take various medical situations into consideration. 

I'm designing a seminar to assist people in making these types of decisions so that they can share them with their estate planners and/or attorneys.

I'm in the process of creating a youtube video for people to review and complete a worksheet to share with their estate planners and/or attorneys.

Contact me by email with "Living Will Decisions" in the subject line (talkndr@yahoo.com) or phone (815-541-1857) if you would like to have a presentation to a group or for more information regarding the DVD.