Resources to further your quest of knowledge

You know I can't possibly keep up with all the new websites and new providers and new research but this list is an attempt to get you looking out there for more information. If you ever do find something that I should add and/or change, however, please let me know via email with a subject line noting that you found something that I might want to put on the resource page of my website. Thank you, muchly.

Here's an attempt to give you some thoughts on:

Apraxia: (Marilyn Agin, wrote the "Late Talker" book)........and a zillion more websites will want to tell you all about it. Now, listen up.....some people choose to be scared to death after reading these websites while others can see things in common with what they are dealing with. You never know from reading whether the mother or the therapist sharing information is talking about "mild, moderate, severe, or profound" apraxic-lke symptoms. There is a subjective continiuum with this diagnosis just like there is for others ie autism and Alzheimer's. This type of communication challenge is one that I deal with a significant number of patients. I have my reasons for a particular plan of treatment and this spot on the website isn't big enough to take it all in. Give me a call /email for specifics. My Speech Issues webpage also has references: here
Language Disorders & anything else: the end all and be all reference site for anything to do with our Scope of Practice. On this website you can locate position papers on apraxia, autism, language/learning disorders, and the list goes on and on and on.
LindaMood Bell put together several products that focus on visual presentation of information to increase a person's ability to recall/memorize and organize information. I went to all of their training programs but the "politics" of this company doesn't have them promoting on their website those of us who are knowledgeable of the process because they only want to promote their centers on their website and referral process. So, despte thousands of dollars and two weeks of my time in Milwaukee.......I have their stuff, can do evaluations to help you understand where strengths and weaknesses may lie in the ability to take on new learning (that part isn't Lindamood-Bell specific). Attending their seminars reconfirmed to me what I was already doing prior was "spot on".
Vital Stim a company that helped speech pathologist have a device similar to what physical and occupational therapists use to stimulate muscles involved with swallowing. Yes, I am certified and have the equipment. It is not an end all and be all therapy focus and other therapy techniques are also incorporated into the plan of treatment.
Lee Silverman Voice Treatment has been around long enough that it is touted as the 'place to be' and to be certified in in order to say you work with folks with Parkenson's Disease. Yes, I am certified. Their focus is to convince a person to 'yell' when they talk and eventhough they think they are yelling, they aren't and the commuication partner can finally hear them and it helps the patient overarticulate so they are understood better. It's quite an undertaking to convince a person with PKN to change simply because humans don't like to change.
Early Intervention for free evaluations for speech, physical occupational, and overall developmental evaluations for children 0-3 years old. Just type in the search box your state and 'early intervention' and it should get you a link. Illinois office locator noted 217-782-1981, option 1 to locate an office near you.
Handwriting Without Tears use their templates for kids to use to learn how to make letters and numbers BEFORE getting out the pencil & paper. Also, I like the idea of using small broken crayons to encourage the adult pencil grasp instead of the palmargrasp or other 'bad looking' grasps that I've seen adults have. If you have any pull with preschools, suggest they attend their conference and institute their program at the preschool level as well as kindergarten on up. Keep promoting cursive! It's a faster way to take notes and college-bound folks as well as those that need to write a note in their line of work need it. Same with promoting'll never get a job if your application looks like a serial killer kindergartener did the spelling/writing. Here's a link to take a look at pencil
JuicePlus capsule form way to get fruits, veggies, and berries into picky eaters of all ages and those of us who know we need more servings of these things than we eat in a day. is a place to check out their research. You know I'm into research and this product is used in numerous research studies that are not done by themselves but by great big medical/university institutions. It's a cheap way to get dehydrated fruits & veggies with all their phytonutrients and you don't have to worry about absorption ability or overdosing because it's food.
Interactive Metronome interesting and reading their website under their website nav bar tab of "Science" will do more in your understanding than me telling except to say, yes, I am certified and have the equipment.
Compton Accent Reduction a program I am certified in that addresses helping those that wish to change their speech accent/dialect for whatever reasons. Some people feel they are not being chose for particular professional positions because of their "accent" and want assistance in making changes so they are better understood in discussions with others.
Abilitations Catalog link here is a resource for a lot of good stuff including: chewy jewelry, chewy pencil toppers, Baumgarten's Twist and Write pencils (look like wishbones and are also at Staple's and I highly recommend even for 2 year olds to learn to write with), slo-mo balls, therapy balls to use as desk chairs, and the list goes on and on. After you see it there, you might check for price comparisons.


Other ways to look at challenges in accordance to Early Intervention:

Early Intervention Principles include my favorite: The focus of EI is to encourage the active participation of families in the therapeutic process by imbedding intervention strategies into family routines. It is the parents who provide the real early intervention by creatively adapting their child care methods to facilitate the development of their child, while balancing the needs of the rest of their family.

So, Early Intervention provides seminars for parents and therapists to attending including "Using the Family's Stuff" and their EI Principles includ what was typed above, thus I try very hard to not bring in toys (which just has me leaving with them and then the parents are wondering how to substitute/replace with what they have or do they have to go out and buy that toy) and I try very hard to work through the parent who then has 24hrs/7days a week to keep on working on their communication relationship instead of waiting for me to have a relationship with their chld and get him/her to follow through. It makes sense to me; I just wished it made sense to other therapists! My plan of treatment is always to help the communication listener (the parent) and the communication talker (the child) to change through "I'll wait until you try" moments/tasks throughout the day when the child is in that 'teachable moment'. I've put together some videos that help explain this. To the video webpage.

Providers that may give you some insights
You know I always say...."you put 99 therapists in a gymnasium and you'll get 99 different ways to do things". And, that a good thing, not a bad thing. I don't claim to be the end all and be all to speech therapy. So, go ask therapists and doctors to "think out loud" so you can hear how they came to handle various diagnoses and why they do various strategies and techniques. There's not a right way and a wrong way sometimes and as long as their rationalization makes sense to you, don't feel that you are being misled, but rather are just given another opinion. I'm not going to list facilities or therapists you should not go to but, yes, there are some out there unfortunately, that I wished would do things differently. So, with that said, in Northwestern Illinois, you might want to contact:

KSB Hospital in Dixon, IL: for speech therapy concerns, pediatric occupational therapy including sensory integration, and for dietitican consults.

Northwest Illinois Physical Therapy in Freeport, IL: Martha Cowan, OT for pediatric occupational therapy including sensory integration

Again, be sure and conact me with any questions you may have.