Presenting Presentations for a whole host of topics

If you are still with me on this website, you see how wide of a scope of practice speech pathologist encompassess. And, living in a very rural area, I try my hardest to know just enough to be dangerous on as many of them as I can. I also thoroughly enjoy sharing information regarding the topics with anyone and everyone that will listen. So, put together a group at your home, your facility, or wherever and I'll come. Don't be shy.

Here's the general outline of the seminar but it is subject to change however the sponsor would like.

I am so happy to announce that I have put together a seminar on feeding strategies for nurses and nurse's aides, nursing home administrators, dietary staff/managers, and family who feed their loved ones thickened liquids and pureed diets!

The seminar focuses on:

1. reasons for aspiration or silent aspiration
2. hands on mixing of thickened liquids
3. using body positions and adaptive equipment; feeding tube options
4. understanding various dysphagia situations and stages of swallowing; utilizing a treatment plan designed by a speech pathologist; distinguish between altered diet consistencies
5. communication strategies to use while feeding another person

The seminar is offered to take place at your facility OR at a conference center.

 Please email me with "RN CNA Seminars" in the subject line ( or phone me (815-541-1857) for the state and month you are interested in planning a seminar.

I like to keep the class size to 10-30 people and will do various times of the day to assure that all shifts at the facility have the ability to attend.


Stages, Symptoms & Reasons for Dysphagia: muscular, neuroanatomical, cognitive, structural, medication induced, relationship to the stages of the swallow, silent aspsiration vs aspiration pneumonia

Evaluation of Swallowing Ability & Design of the Plant of Treatment: How can you be involved? How to communicate the plan of treatment with staff, Utilizing the Speech Pathologist, Bedside & Videofluoroscopy swallow evaluations, Communication's role during the meal, Thermal stimulation, surface EMG biofeedback, & other treatments

Examples of Altered Diet Consistencies: Liquid consistencies & presenting liquids, Solid consistencies & feeding guidelines, Keeping the diet palatable while using the thickeners, Addressing inadequate nutrition, Increasing patient compliance of the diet, Feeding Tube Considerations: options regarding a feeding tube, pleasure eating status & liquid intake while NPO, interventions to use during non-oral feedings

Compensatory Strategies for Each Stage of Swallowing: Body positioning, Adaptive equipment, Diet consistency, Reasons for chin tuck, effortful swallow, supraglottic swallow

Hands-on Mixing with Thickeners for Various Liquid Consistencies: Honey, nectar, pudding consistencies of liquids, What liquids are already these consistencies?

Responsibilities to Assure a Successful Eating Event: Guidelines to share with staff or family that are feeding people, Importance of oral hygiene, Considerations when designing a feeding program, Strategies for impulsive/rapid intake eater, cheek pocketing, straw sucking safety, Involving the person in feeding versus total dependent feeding

Oral Motor Exercises: Specific exercises for various types of dysphagia, Masako maneuver, Shaker exercises & others, Incorporating oral motor exercises with general patient contact

Patient's Rights in Oral & Non-Oral Feedings: Documenting the decision of AMA (against medical advice)

Other Seminars to consider me presenting: I'll gladly do a seminar on communication issues in adult settings as well as child/school settings. There's so much to share in regards to learning strategies and what type of learners are we so learning can be done efficiently. There's a lot to share in regards to living wills and topics to consider writing in a living will regarding communication and feeding issues.
Would you like to sponsor a seminar? If you belong to a PTA, a church group, a community club and would like a presentation on any topic you see noted on the website.......give me a call! 815-541-1857
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